Bright and Shining

photo © Morgan Barnard

Morgan Barnard
Abe Burmeister and Carlos Borges
Diana Jensen
R. Wayne Parsons
Carol Salmanson
Robin Schwartz
Susanna Sloat

Nov 25 through Dec 30

Opening Reception: Thursday, Dec 1, 6 to 8 PM

  Safe-T-Gallery will be celebrating the holiday season this year with a show of Bright and Shining objects and images. These are works that evoke the wonder and anticipation of Christmas morning -- when seemingly limitless enjoyment is waiting right under the surface of the pretty packages. Eight artists will present an interactive video installation (Morgan Barnard), digital sculpture (Abe Burmeister and Carlos Borges), almost traditional painting (Diana Jensen), digital, camera-less photography (R. Wayne Parsons), a solid-state light installation (Carol Salmanson) and traditional, but no less intriguing, photographs of some unusual childhood moments (Robin Schwartz.) Finally, there will be a traditional Christmas tree in all its post-modernist glory, by Susanna Sloat.



Morgan Barnard

Safe-T-Gallery’s first ever video presentation is “Still Here,” an experimental, interactive video installation by Morgan Barnard. Although you could simply watch the narrative, a free-standing, light-interactive console lures you into constantly augmenting, and perhaps changing, what occurs on the screen.

© Morgan Barnard


Abe Burmeister
Carlos Borges

The most advanced internet technology is applied in “World Clock” the digital sculpture by Abe Burmeister and Carlos Borges, who utilized hand-coded computer chips and the NIST atomic clock to answer the question of whether it’s morning in America, or not.

©Abe Burmeister & Carlos Borges


Diana Jensen

Diana Jensen’s shaped oil paintings in the show are based on the holiday-party photographs from a found photo album, where friends and husbands slowly age over the course of a decade.

© Diana Jensen


R Wayne Parsons

R. Wayne Parsons continues his explorations of everyday lost and found objects with a series of digital, but very real, bright and shining assemblages.

©R Wayne Parsons


Carol Salmanson

The extraordinary illuminist Carol Salmanson with be returning to Safe-T to brighten winter’s darkest days - colors to be announced. This image is from her one person show at Safe-T-Gallery in 2004.


©Carol Salmanson


Robin Schwartz

We welcome photographer Robin Schwartz and her daughter Amelia. Robin is best known for her photographs of chimps and other animals, but young Amelia has found herself in some unusual situations in the past few years.

©Robin Schwartz