Corey Armpriester - A History of Tears

© Corey Armpriester

©Corey Armpriester


Oct 19 to Nov 18  Opening Oct 19 6 to 8


  Safe-T-Gallery will be the venue this October and November for the first one-person show in New York of photographer Corey Armpriester. We will be presenting Armpriester’s stunning series of black and white portraits of men and women who have allowed him to photograph them openly weeping. “A History of Tears,” is a unique series of personal moments presented with sensitivity and insight, and marks an auspicious introduction of a skilled photographer to Brooklyn and New York. The show runs from October 19th to November 18th at our Dumbo Gallery. There will be a reception for the artist on October 19th, from 6 to 8 PM, to which all are invited.

  The almost ubiquitous request of American photographers to “smile” for the camera is inverted in Corey Armpriester’s series of photographs of men and women who are asked to “cry.” The response to the request is usually a flustered inability to evoke this most personal of emotions -- even among models who were prepared for the request. (Armpriester has resisted using trained actors, who may have ‘practiced’ crying over the years.) There are only a few sitters who actually weep, but the photographs of those who are able to summon this emotion are stunning. The viewer may initially feel elements of voyeurism and wonder at seeing people at such a vulnerable moment, but these feelings soon become subsumed to the most human feelings of empathy and compassion. One begins to realize that although this person is sitting in an impersonal studio surrounded by lights and cameras, the tears have come from deep within. Each tear is but the last in a history of tears for each man or woman.

  Corey Armpriester is a photographer who studied at the International Center for Photography, the Fashion Institute of Technology, the School of Visual Arts and interned with fashion/erotic photographer Tony Ward.
We will be hosting a studio session for the crying project on Saturday, October 21st from 3 to 7 PM, anyone willing and able to cry before the camera is welcome to drop by for a free portrait.

©Corey Armpriester 
©Corey Armpriester



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