Pamplemousse is an ensemble dedicated to the production and performance of new works. Founded by Natacha Diels, Rama Gottfried, and Dawn Kim in 2002, the group had its inaugural concert at the Renée Weiler Concert Hall in March 2003, performing two commissions and five works by living composers. In the upcoming concert season, Pamplemousse has concerts scheduled at Renée Weiler Concert Hall, the Safe-T Gallery, Merkin Hall, and Galapagos. The group’s philosophy is one of freedom and creativity. Pamplemousse performances include theatrical presentations, video projections, and improvisation. As part of the creative process, the composers and performers meet regularly to discuss the possibilities of each work both musically and dramatically. This philosophy allows each concert to be entirely different from the last. Based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Pamplemousse continues to adopt new members as both performers and composers, striving constantly to attain the highest level of musicianship and creativity.