Diversity of Devotion

©Stephanie Keith

Sept 7 to Sept 23

   “Diversity of Devotion” a shared photo-documentary project exploring the range of spiritual practices observed throughout New York City will be exhibited at Safe-T-Gallery in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, from September 7th, through September 23rd, 2007. The show features the work of 32 photographers from across the country, who participated and photographed events during one week in November of 2006 and during a second week in January of this year. There will be an opening reception on Thursday, Sept. 6th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm which is open to the public and will be attended by many of the photographers as well as representatives of various spiritual groups.

  Conceived in response to a post 9/11 New York, “Diversity of Devotion” pays homage to our amazing city -- where a multitude of spiritual practices and beliefs co-exist closely and peacefully together. The exhibition contains 40 thought-provoking, and inspired images documenting New York City’s varied and unique spiritual and religious beliefs. “Diversity of Devotion” photographers were welcomed in homes, churches, and spiritual centers where they went about capturing both distinct and universal aspects of belief and faith. Islam, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Santeria, Greek Orthodoxy and Catholicism are all represented among the images, to name a few.

  Four photographers were selected for special honors: Stephanie Keith, Melanie Einzig, Marcia Halperin and Nura Qureshi, their work and the work of all the photographers helped to exemplify the extraordinary diversity of belief found within the City of New York.

  The winning images in the exhibit were selected by a panel of photography professionals that included:
    Tewfic El-Sawy - Egyptian born travel and culture photographer
    Russell Joslin - Editor / Publisher SHOTS Magazine
    Alison Nordstrom - Educator and Curator of Photographs, George                                 Eastman House
    Eli Reed - Award winning Magnum photojournalist
    Molly Roberts - Smithsonian Magazine, Photo Editor.

  In addition to printed artwork, the exhibition will include a slideshow presentation of Stephanie Keith’s photo-documentation of hidden Voodoo ceremonies which take place within the Haitian communities of Brooklyn. Inspired by her participation in the “Diversity of Devotion” project, Ms. Keith has produced an award winning series of pictures documenting her fascinating journey into the world of Voodoo, which was recently featured on the National Public Radio website.

  It is our hope that the images within this show will provide a springboard towards greater discussion, appreciation and understanding between peoples of faith (and non-faith) throughout New York City.

  “Diversity of Devotion” was conceived, directed and curated by Jenny Jozwiak and supported by Positive Focus Inc. a Brooklyn-based, non-profit organization for photographers. Space for this exhibit was donated by Safe-T-Gallery Inc. More about Diversity of Devotion can be found on the <Positive Focus Web site.>


Woman saying Shema  ©Marcia Halperin

Black Jews  ©Julian Voloj

© Julian Voloj