Sunday March 14, 2004 4 PM

Euphonique Saxophone Quartet

Christian Biegai - Jasmin Lalande - Mike Bomwell - Alex Hamlin


Graham Fitkin “Stub”
Joby Talbot “Blue Cell” (USA Premiere)
Jacob ter Velthuis “Pitchblack”
Annie Gosfield “Brawl” (World Premiere)
Ben Foskett “C in New York”

   The Euphonique Saxophone Quartet offers a unique palette of traditional and contemporary literature. Aside from their strong classical saxohone quartet repertoire the quartet is also on the cutting edge of the multi-media and experimental music scene.
   Their commitment to new works has given way to numerous North American and International premiers by such composers as Jim Clarke, Ben Foskett, Michael Nyman, Joby Talbot, Timothy Blinko, and Philip Bimstein. Their diverse national background have brought together a great wealth of experience. Their performances includes engagements with the Berlin Philharmonic, Manhattan Chamber Orchestra, Scott Gwinnell Jazz Orchestra,The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and the RCM Ensemble London.

Tickets $10