Sunday, March 7, 2004 -- 4 PM


The Reuben Radding String Quartet

Reuben Radding - Karen Waltuch - Loren Dempster - Meg Okura

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    The music of the Reuben Radding String Quartet is a unique blend of free
improvisation, dodecaphonic composition, and constraint-based pieces drawing inspiration (and sometimes actual source material) from modern composers like Bartok, Scelsi, and Messiaen.
Reuben Radding (bass), Karen Waltuch (viola), Loren Dempster (cello), Meg Okura (violin).

    Reuben Radding is one of the most distinctive young bassists playing improvised music today. Since his emergence in the early 90's as a busy contributor to the New York "downtown" and free jazz scenes, he has performed and recorded with many of the most important and respected names in avant garde music in America and abroad. With a deep tone and prodigious technique, Radding draws on an astonishing range of musical languages and extended sounds in his performances, whether solo or in the countless ensembles he has been involved with. His recent release, "Luminescence," a duo project with Daniel Carter on the AUM Fidelity label, was named by the editor of New York's All About Jazz as one of the Best of 2003. Radding
leads the quartets "Intersections" and the Reuben Radding String Quartet,and has recently appeared in a trio with Nate Wooley and Mary Halvorson. He has collaborated with John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Marc Ribot, Wolfgang Fuchs, Wally Shoup, Saadet Turkoz, Carlo Actis Dato, Dylan VanDerSchyff, John Hollenbeck, Jack Wright, Ursel Schlicht, Laura Andel, and many others

" He just burns--forget other bass players." The Improvisor

admission $10