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  Every Gallery in Williamsburg and Greenpoint" is a collection of photographs depicting the Williamsburg equivalent of the corner gas station, the ubiquitous artists' "space." More than 80 galleries, alternative spaces, advertised "Open Studios", and stores or restaurants with exhibitions are included - all the active exhibition venues in Williamsburg and Greenpoint during the spring and summer of 2002.

     Burmeister does not provide an insider's view of this booming art scene. Working from the traditions of Atget, Walker Evans, Ed Ruscha and the Becher's, he presents each space as it presents itself to the general public, as a simple doorway on the street. In these large-format color photographs, the accumulation of details and colors combine to provide a wry, detached look at a particular moment in the history of the arts in New York.

Shroeder Romero