© Gail Thacker

     Since the beginnings of photography the human body has been one of the most popular and natural of subjects for the camera. The tradition of photographing and transmorgrifying the body continues into the 21st century, as photographers develop new and enlightening approaches to representing the physical substrate of the human condition. Im/Perfect presents 8 challenging photographers who cover a full spectrum of approaches toward body imagery, from some who concentrate on the perfection the human body can achieve, to those who revel in its imperfections.
      The eight photographers are (in alphabetical order):
Anonymous. Although widely exhibited, few of Anonymous’ self-portraits have ever been seen. In this exclusive showing Anonymous is revealed to be a somewhat rumpled middle-aged man who seems to frequently find himself in some rather seedy motel bathrooms.

Anne Conover. Conover presents work from an ongoing series of portraits of people who carry visible scars. Although this may seem to be a somewhat morbid subject, she succeeds is capturing the very human ambiguity that these people have towards their own bodies.

Larry Davis. Davis’s small Polaroid transfer prints aim to capture the elegance of the human body and do so with exquisite and sensuous charm.

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R. Wayne Parsons. “Biomorphs” are Parsons’ clever visual puns that play with our mind’s sometimes misguided ability to discover human forms in rather prosaic materials.

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H. Lisa Solon. Using her own body and an old box camera and printing with the late 19th century cyanotype process, Solon presents a series of astringent, abstract meditations on the human form.
Rachelle Street. Street’s photographs offer very detailed and intimate views of her self and a few very close friends.
Gail Thacker.         Thacker contributes original Polaroids and prints from her ongoing collaboration with the performance artist Rafael Sanchez, and a wonderfully melancholy self-portrait triptych.
Ms. Thacker appears courtesy of the June Bateman Gallery.
Norberto Torriente. At the perfect end of the spectrum, Torriente presents vigorous photographs of classically modeled (and we might add steroid-free) male body-builders, carrying on, and playing with, a venerable photographic tradition
All Images are Copyrighted by the Individual Photographers