The repetitive, obsessive, compulsive involvement of visual artists with words will be the theme of Safe-T-Galleryís summer exhibition ìOnomatomania Onomatomania.î Written words have had an intimate relationship with the visual arts from their very inception, but as the modern visual environment has become increasingly saturated with words, their multiple meanings, as symbols, objects, and ideas have become an area of interest to increasing numbers of visual artists. ìOnomatomania Onomatomaniaî presents works by 8 contemporary artists who use or include words as principal components of their art. In alphabetical order, the artists in ìOnomatomania Onomatomania follow:

© Burst387

Burst387, is a New York based street artist has produced a compilation piece made up of photographs of every four-letter word he or she found on Broadway (Manhattan) over a three week span in 2007 -- 1057 different words in all -- presented in alphabetical order, of course.

Victoria Chang will show a large installation piece based on the nu shu ‘female writing’ of the Yao women of Hunan province. Ms Chang uses the spidery ancient characters to blur the distinctions between eastern aesthetics and contemporary western art traditions.

©Victoria Chang

© Üla Einstein
Multi-disciplinary artist Üla Einstein'sinstallation and photography project explores the early imprint of words and phrases on our development and thoughts. Using ephemeral media (in this case tattooed text on broken eggshells, nested in re-employed audio tapes) she creates works that place strong evocative words within a complex, fragile framework of natural and man-made objects.
Bob Heman is a poet and publisher whose involvement with words extends to the intimate word collages presented here.


© Maureen Kelleher
Maureen Kelleherís works envelope the words, phrases and stories, many true, that she has collected and experienced. Tales of the South, life in prison, yearnings and dreams, the words become so intense they seem to burst out of their wood and polyurethane casements.

R. Wayne Parsons presents a coolly intellectual, if slightly cracked, take on the understanding of words in a series of photographs of words on ladders.


© Wayne Parsons

© Lori Rogers
Photographer Lori Rogers taps into an unusual source of visual imagery, the records of a now-defunct soft-porn production company, to produce a revelatory photo series ëTypography for Pornography.í
Paul Shore is an artist who has a mild form of that supremely onomatomaniacal condition, Tourette syndrome. The work we will present is from ìBlood Drawingsî a series of intricate forms, seemingly biological, drawn with continuous lines of repeated words and phrases.

© Paul Shore