Mar Aige • Daniel Anizon

Noah Baen • H. Lisa Solon

Lisa Studier • Jason Walz


June 17 through July 30, 2005

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 16, 6 to 8 PM

 Safe-T-Gallery is pleased to announce the imminent arrival of Summer and a concurrent exhibition of drawings, woodblock prints, photographs, photograms and installed living creatures -- ORGANIC -- a celebration of life in almost all its permutations.
While many artists may feel akin to physicists in their interest in pure color and form, and others may be more interested in the psychology of human relationships, the six artists chosen for ORGANIC have concentrated on the living world around them, whether the “bush” of the Caribbean, the farmland of France, the creatures of the sea, the animals and plants of the “New World”, or the life to be found in and on the streets and fields of Brooklyn. The show brings together artists using many different techniques, but each examining the place of the natural world in modern human consciousness.


Mar Aige

The discovery of America led to the discovery of a new world of plants and animals. Early explorers often sketched and described the fantastic life they saw here, which was then the basis of further drawing and elaboration back home. In her series “Historica Naturale” Mar Aige has continued this tradition using original descriptions and sketches to produce new drawings and collages that explore a nearly hallucinatory world of new plants, animals and peoples.

© Mar Aige

Daniel Anizon

Daniel Anizon is a photographer who has traveled around the world producing images. But back home in France he has pursued one project for over twenty years, “Les Vaches”, a look at that most organic of beings - the French cow.

© Daniel Anizon


Noah Baen

Undoubtedly the freshest work in the show will be that of Noah Baen. Although Baen usually works on environmental works in the streets and fields of Brooklyn, this summer he will be utilizing the spaces behind the Safe-T-Gallery walls to produce an ongoing living installation. As of this writing all we can say is that it involves a lot of mugwort.

© Noah Baen


H. Lisa Solon

The tropical island of Jamaica is the home of H. Lisa Solon, who uses the lush vegetation of the “bush” to produce large, rich cyanotype photograms. Using techniques that date back to the early “Pencil of Nature” roots of photography, she produces work that is surprisingly edgy, contemporary and very blue.

© H. Lisa Solon

Lisa Studier

Life in the ocean is celebrated in the elegant, multi-colored prints of Lisa Studier. By using the technique of reduction carving, where a single woodblock is cut back between pressings with different colors, she produces an image that is rich with as many as nine overlying layers of color.


© Lisa Studier


Jason Walz

The role of time in the natural world is an underlying concern in Jason Walz’s large, nearly abstract color photographs. The images produced by both plant and animal movements are fascinating both as natural history and as reflective examinations of the passage of time.

©Jason Walz