From February 14 through March 29, 2003 Safe-T-Gallery is presenting the work of the renowned photographer H. Lisa Solon in an exclusive double installation. The show consists of two exquisite, ongoing series of cyanotypes; "Faces" and "Jamaican Grace." "Faces" is an exploration of grief, loss and time through self-portraiture; "Jamaican Grace" an introspective look at the beautiful and bedraggled dreamscape of the Caribbean island.
   Ms. Solon’s "Faces" series started shortly after the death of her mother, when she started to take a daily portrait of herself with an old family box camera. The simple camera produced a line of blurry portraits that seemed able to capture her grief. The camera had no exposure controls so some days would burn brightly while others remained dark, the images of her face capturing both internal and external worlds. The series has continued for more than six years, following both the slow and abrupt changes in the artist’s life - one day at a time. Safe-T-Gallery is pleased that we will be displaying nearly the complete series from the first day up to within a few days before the opening date, several thousand images in all.
   The second body of work "Jamaican Grace" has its origins in the hills and waterfront of St. Mary Parish in Jamaica, West Indies, where Solon has lived for much of the last few years. The pieces consist of from 3 to 6 individual cyanotype images that are arranged in dreamlike reveries. The images often contain a physical narrative but gain their strength from their visual progression - the interplay of the images amplifying the emotional charge of each scene.