Alexander Stein
Four Projects

Safe-T-Gallery is proud to host a rare exhibition of four, full sized, electro-statically enlarged, working cartoons by Alex Stein. The projects, ranging in size from 16 feet tall to 15 feet long, will be exhibited at the Safe-T-Gallery Annex at 481 Graham Ave. (at the corner of Bayard St.) The works will be on display each Saturday and Sunday, from March 13 through April 4, from 3 to 6 PM.
Followers of Stein’s work have seen segments and working sketches of these pieces exhibited at Safe-T-Gallery and at other sites over the past year. This is a unique opportunity to see how those works fit into their larger context. The four projects are: “Ruth Santos,” a16 foot high oil on blackened mylar painting, centered on an ordinary woman, captured in a vacuum of the tabloids. “Madonna of the Garden Addition”, a 6 foot tall, 15 foot long oil on mylar seamless addition to Grünewald’s ‘Stuppach Madonna’; “Moony Gillis,” a16 foot tall photo-realistic painting of a hypothetical Romanesque bronze sculpture; and “Figures of Grass and Ice” , a 9 foot square oil on mylar work in which a man of ice with inclusions sits on a double image of a squatting young woman formed by two halves of a broken heart, covered by grass.
Visitors to the Annex will be able to see these works close-up as well as from an elevated observation post. Images of the works are available at the gallery web-site. These transfer images suggest the final works, their scale and vitality endowing them with an independent veracity and power. This exhibit makes for a rare and exciting glimpse into the future of 21st century painting.