“I’d like to thank my parents, but they’re dead.”
                                                                           Mel Brooks, at the Tony Awards

 “The seeing eye falls through the world.”
                                                                            from the Manyoshu

September 12 to 27, 2003

Opening Reception: Friday, September 12, 7 to 9 PM

     Twenty-nine new and reworked drawings and paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Alex Stein will be on exclusive exhibit at Safe-T-Gallery from September 12 to Sept. 27, 2003.
Isolation, whether a physical fact or an emotional state, is the central theme of this exhibit. An isolated ‘ice’ man in a crowd, the isolation of Judas Iscariot at the last supper, the separation of one part of a finger from the rest -- Stein uses a range of imagery to investigate this most basic of human conditions. One piece, “Ruth Santos” centers on imagery of a New York woman whose personal and family tragedy swirls around her, while in several pieces titled “Lonelinens” individual human figures, with obvious and urgent needs, are rendered -- each as removed from his needs as from his own form. Even the location of the show, in a relatively isolated enclave of Williamsburg, plays a role in Stein’s vision.
     The works in the show include works in silverpoint, charcoal, graphite, latex paint, watercolor, ballpoint pen, and oil on velvet. All display an exceptional attention to emotional nuance that can only be attained through extraordinary control of hand and technique.
     The artist has prepared a statement about the show that can viewed through the link below.