Barbara Yoshida
Stones / Night

                                                      ©Barbara Yoshida

January 19 to Feb 25, 2006
Opening Reception Thursday Jan 19, 6 to 8 PM

   Menhirs, standing stones, stone circles, these markers from human lives lived thousands of years ago still retain their strength in the human imagination. Safe-T-Gallery is honored to be exhibiting a series of stunning, large-sized photogravures of these enigmatic megaliths, by printmaker and photographer Barbara Yoshida. The exhibit will run from Jan 19th through February 25th with a reception for the artist on Jan 19th, from 6 to 8 PM.

   For the past 4 years Yoshida has been visiting and photographing major and minor megalithic sites in Europe, from Sweden to Spain. Camping at or near the sites, she often spends the entire night photographing the stones by the light of stars and the moon. The resulting images capture much of the stones’ elemental qualities – these stones are literally the Earth – but she also records their ethereal human-ness, the evidences of the countless hours of thought and work that brought these particular stones to these particular spaces.

   Yoshida writes, “I see the stones as representing the indestructible life force—what in Japanese is called shibui, a quality of strict simplicity, the reduction of a thing or a process to its most essential nature. They are about being a link in an infinite chain that stretches back through time and forward into the future.” Writing about another body of moonlit work by Yoshida in The New York Times, Helen Harrison wrote, “Barbara Yoshida mutes the intensity of her masked, shaman-like nudes by enveloping them in shadows. Although unclothed, these female figures are mysterious presences, more phantom than flesh.” In this work Yoshida has gone a step further, transforming these solid stones of the planet Earth into phantoms.

   Barbara Yoshida was born in Portland, Oregon. After graduating from the University of Washington in Seattle she moved to New York City and studied at the Art Students League then earned an MFA in painting from Hunter College of the City University of New York. She has exhibited world-wide, with recent exhibits in Paris, Finland, Japan, Kansa, India, and Poland, with two upcoming exhibits in Scotland in 2006. She has work in many museums and collections around the world.


© Barbara Yoshida