Daryl-Ann Saunders


                                              "Departures" © Daryl-Ann Saunders

March 26 through April 25, 2004

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 27, 3 to 6 PM

Special Event: Saturday, April 17, 3 PM
Talk by Subway Historian Shoshana Rothaizer
and discussion with Alan Gaynor and Daryl-Ann Saunders

   Safe-T-Gallery is pleased to celebrate the New York Subway Centennial with an exhibition of haunting images from the outer edges of the transit system created by photographer Daryl-Ann Saunders. Ms Saunders brings a 21st century eye to some of the older parts of the subway system (the Coney Island elevated station to be specific) to create a series of luminous color images that are part Steeplechase Park - part Twilight Zone.
   The subway has always been an inspiration to artists and photographers in the city, but often because of its maze-like, dehumanizing qualities. The work by Daryl-Ann Saunders however, brings a new post 9/11 sensibility to this view of the world. Although she includes few people in these photos, the subway platforms, tracks and trains are treated almost affectionately, -- as if they might disappear in the not too distant future. Using long exposures at night, and then perfecting the images on the computer, Ms Saunders creates seamless tableaus of platforms and trains that possess an atmosphere of mystery and metallic beauty. These are images that move beyond the specifics of one particular subway station and become metaphors for many New York journeys, be they physical, spiritual or in the imagination.

   On April 17th the gallery will host a stimulating talk by photographer and subway historian Shoshana Rothaizer on the history of the Brooklyn subway system, specifically the Coney Island terminal, the subject of Daryl-Ann Saunders' photographs. The artists will then give short presentations about their work. This will be an excellent opportunity to meet the artists and to learn more about this fascinating part of New York City life.

                                                "Platform" © Daryl-Ann Saunders