October 22nd to November 14, 2004

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 23rd, 6 to 8 pm

Gene Frankles Typewriter © Gail Thacker
   Safe-T-Gallery is pleased to present an extensive and intensive show of the Polaroid photography of Gail Thacker. Thacker’s work, whether in portraiture, landscape, or self-portraiture, is deeply infused with a sense of the fragility of the physical world. In work extending back nearly three decades, the physical realities of time and aging are expressed in both the people and objects that are photographed and in the frailty of the aging images themselves. Not intended to be long lasting, the Polaroid photograph undergoes an accelerated process of change. Thacker captures moments in the history of her negatives in more stable prints, but will also present many of the original “positives” as they are now, in various, glorious stages of change.
   The show will include work from many of the stages and venues of her adventurous life, including early work in Boston with artists such as Mark Morrisroe, her extended series of photographs of women, and her more recent gritty and emotional cityscapes. She writes, “ I have never counted the number of Polaroids I have taken. But there are many, possibly thousands if you include the ones that have faded over the years. Some are jewels, others not. But they are all valid.”
"Elixabeth" © Gail Thacker